My license plate reads PADDL10S

12 Apr

How cool would that be? Apparently someone in the Westchester area actually has that vanity license plate on his car. Peter Dampf has the honor to drive around on his car showing off his love for paddle. Peter has been playing paddle for decades and is also known as one of the most knowledgeable and intense captains in the Westchester Platform Tennis League. He has been the captain of Greenburgh 1 for a several years and coached several national champs such as Jerry Albrikes, Mike Gillespie, Bob Conklin, and Hardy Manges just to name a few.

We know that he has received offers to sell the license plate for thousand of dollars and refused it every time. “There is no enough money to buy it,” Peter claims. If you owned that license plate, how much would you sell it for? We all know that paddle players don’t play for the money. Peter is one of them and he loves to drive his car with “PADDL10S” written on it. He lives in New York State, but who is stopping paddlers to do the same in the other 49 states?

Paddles with a (great) Purpose: Stein-Stein win the tourney

5 Apr

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With the majority of players dusting off their golf cubs and restringing their rackets, Paddles with a Purpose was a great excuse to play one more time before the season ends and help a great cause.

This past Saturday April 2nd Paddles with a Purpose held 3rd third annual event at beautiful Country Club of New Canaan. The funds raised helped twenty patients to get through their chemotherapy treatments and brought awareness about the Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital.

When it came down to playing, father and son Ted and Ben Stein took the trophy back to Pelham. They beat Michael Chen and Bruce Wilson in an exciting three sets match.

The Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital provides compassionate, patient-centered care from diagnosis through treatment and post-treatment care. Support services at the BCC are funded entirely through philanthropy. To learn more about how you can help click on the following link

Is Jared Palmer the best first-year player ever?

3 Apr

Back at the end of January we witnessed history in the making. Former #1 Doubles player in the world Jared Palmer participated in his first Platform Tennis NRT and did pretty well. Jared teamed up with Juan Arraya and reached the semifinals at Atlantic Classic. They fell short in the semis at the hands of Easterbrook-Jonason after beating Calwell-Cordish and 2011 National Champions Mark Parsons and Mike Stulac.

Many players have described Jared as the best first-year player ever. He may be just that and perhaps even more.

Here we see the first two points of his first match, where the net played a big factor in both occasions. Hopefully he will continue playing in more NRTs so everyone will be able to enjoy his talent. Rumors say a few of the top players have asked him to play together in the upcoming season.

Parsons-Stulac win Nationals in Chicago: Paddle with Canadian accent

13 Mar

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In what some people reported saying was the greatest display of paddle at the biggest stage, Canadian duo of Mark Parsons and Mike Stulac won the 2011 Nationals in their first season playing together. Mark and Mike beat defending Champion Johan DuRandt and new partner Matt Porter by scores of 7-5, 6-4.

Prendergast-Zink claim their second National Title

13 Mar

Hall of famer Cindy Prendergast and Lauren Zink won their second National title together as they steam rolled their opponents. In today’s final, Cindy and Lauren, who were playing their 6th final together, beat the Cinderella of the tourney: unseeded Liz Jaffe and Lisa Rudloff. They won 6-2, 6-1 in less than one hour.

Nationals Day 2: big upsets and former Champions still alive

12 Mar

The second day at Nationals brought lots of upsets of the top teams in both the women’s and men’s draw. Going into Sunday’s final, unseeded Long Islanders Liz Jaffe and Lisa Rudloff will face hall of famer Cindy Prendergast and partner Lauren Zink (12).

Region 5 dominates President’s Cup play

11 Mar

After a very long day of paddle, both the Women’s and Men’s Region 5 teams won the President’s Cup and started off the weekend great for the Chi-town teams.

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